Or Story letras chicas

Rosa Mexicano Design stems from a passion for colour as well as the beauty and joy which traditional mexican embroidery transmits. Master artisans enhance this tradition and capture its stories, elegance and dignity through their work.

We are a company that does not profit from unfair labour conditions. We support our partners to market their products, as a necessary strategy in the process of the empowerment of women artisans. We value the time and the care that every product requires for its elaboration.

We support the importance of keeping a cultural inheritance alive which is linked with a special aesthetics of life.

We would like to share with you the happiness and energy that these quality products convey, full with vibrant colours, timeless designs and clean textures.


Why Rosa Mexicano?

Rosa Mexicano (In English Mexican Pink, Fuchsia or Magenta) is a particular shade of pink color, but for us it is more than a mere love of color: It is an expression of vitality, happiness and elegance. This color symbolizes the creative roots of a culture, which is represented in many different ways of creativity: in architecture, design, gastronomy and of course in the beautiful mexican craftsmanship.




It´s not just about going to Mexico, buy handicraft for resale or paying people the minimum wage – It´s about creating a product that really values craftsmanship.

About us

Hi! We are Yazmin and Lorena, founders of Rosa Mexicano Design, two friends and mothers who are passionate about traditional mexican design, its colours and textures. As an anthropologist and lawyer in a foreign country, we decided to reinvent ourselves after motherhood. We jumped into Rosa Mexicano Design because we are fascinated with the colour, beauty and energy of traditional mexican art. We believe in the power of colours: they have the ability to affect our emotions and moods in a way that few other things have.

Our philosophy: to share objects with stories about the creativity, care and dedication involved in the process of making them.

We hope you enjoy them…