©Isaac López Hernández Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo 2015

©Isaac López Hernández Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo 2015



“The Tenangos are a particular aesthetic vision of the reality. They are the imagination illustrated on the fabric, embroidered with magic threads that the hand guides with the needle. It is the convergence of the animal and plant kingdom creating fantastic creatures”

When you arrive to the small town of Tenango de Doria, it’s like submerging in green and breathing the freshness of the landscape.

We visited Señora Eva, who is in charge of coordinating a group of artisans in the region. She has learned the technique since she was a child, as her mother learned it, and as her daughter has done. Sitting near the chimney, when the housework was finished.

For many women in the region, the marketing of their embroideries is an important source of income and a way to support their families.

The first step for the artisan to create the product is to draw on the fabric the design that is going to be embroidered. Stencils are not allowed. Every illustration is new and portrays the imagination and creativity of the master artisan. These designs represent the convergence of nature, between the animal and plant kingdom, creating a magic world.

In the Tenangos, the stitch is only kept on the front of the fabric and not taken to the back. This stitch is called “false satin stitch”.